March 20
Eretz Israel Museum
9:00AM - 12:30PM

Morning Workshops

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Dori Adar

Think Like a Game Designer

In this workshop you will learn a new way of thinking for the digital products you build. How to craft rules and goals, how to balance skill and luck and how to find the fun in any interactive systems. This powerful new way of thinking will help you design engaging products in almost every sector.

Yenny Otero

Hands on with Lean UX

In this workshop you will learn Lean UX tools that will help you define the Minimum Viable Product: The least effort you can take to understand if your design is moving in the right direction.

Peter Hodgson & Marc Paulina

Designing Conversations

Join this hands-on (and voices-on!) workshop to roll up your sleeves and design a multi-step conversational experience. We’ll be sketching dialogues and using role-play, rehearsal, and guerilla testing techniques to rapidly design, iterate, and validate designing conversations.

Giles Colborne

From Insight to Interaction

When you talk to users or stakeholders as part of the design process, you’ll inevitably be asked to design features that are convoluted, contradictory or odd. This workshop show you how to make sense of those requests and get buy in for better ideas.

1:30PM - 5:00PM

Afternoon Workshops

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Liraz Margalit

Designing Habit-Forming Experiences

In this workshop you will learn a practical framework for creating ‘addictive’ experiences. The framework gives product managers, designers, and marketers a new way for thinking of the necessary components of changing user behavior.

Anat Katz-Arotchas

Inclusive Design: Designing for the Female User

Women control almost 80% of the consumer market, and yet tech products are often very stereotypical and biased towards men’s needs and expectations. Why is it so? How can we change that? and what’s the potential of better incorporating women’s perspective in our product design processes?

Giles Colborne

The Psychology of Human Conversation

This workshop examines the psychology of human conversation and how it applies to interaction design. We’ll look at some basic patterns and apply them to online services. And we’ll explore rules and techniques for prototyping conversations with computers – chat bots.

Joe Macleod

Hands on with Closure Experiences

Services, products and experiences don’t last forever, yet we rarely design endings. Regardless of your role in the business, the workshop will provide new skills that should build your confidence to create new solutions for your own products and services, and deliver a more complete journey for your customers.