Join us for the
Wix Cocktail Party
A special event for friends, colleagues and conference attendees
March 19 - After party

Come Join Us!

Join us for an extra shot of UX inspiration with Cocktails at Wix.
Meet us on the Wix Campus (in the Tel Aviv Port) to mingle with fellow attendees and speakers.

Want to attend? Every attendee will receive a code and a link to register.


18:45 – Welcome and Registration
19:00 – Dinner and Cocktails
20:00 – Design Systems are Messy / Nir Kosover
20:15 – People, they are the Worst / Robert Stulle
20:30 – Unusual UX Leads to Extraordinary Results / Roy NInio
20:45 – Digital Transformation and Design Culture / Giles Colborne
21:00 – 23:00 – Mingling with Coffee & Desserts

Read more about this party here