Lead User Experience Designer - Designit
Yenny Otero
Workshop: Hands on with Lean UX


Yenny Otero is a User Experience Designer with more than 13 years of experience in Interaction Design. She is educated as a Computer Engineer, but has developed her career around Human Computer Interaction, Service Design and Digital Design. She currently works in projects with Cisco, Telenor and SAS through her job at Designit.

Morning Workshop

Hands on with Lean UX

Lean UX is focused on the experience under design and is less focused on deliverables than traditional UX, is an incredibly useful technique for rapid product development and iteration. The core objective is to focus on obtaining feedback as early as possible so that it can be used to make quick decisions.

In this workshop you will learn Lean UX tools that will help you define the Minimum Viable Product: The least effort you can take to understand if your design is moving in the right direction.

You will learn how to define KPIs depending on the stage of your product, and to combine them with user needs to select the features that will lead you to succeed faster.