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Shuli Gilutz, Ph.D
UX for Kids: Designing for the Next Generation of Play


Shuli Gilutz, Ph.D., specializes in user research, assessment, and design of interactive environments for children. She works both in industry and academia in designing, managing, producing, teaching, and conducting research, in a variety of user experience (UX) settings, as well as strategic consulting for development of children’s digital interfaces.

In 2002 Dr. Gilutz co-authored the first report on Children’s Web Usability with Jakob Nielsen at the NN/g, and in 2012 she founded the Child-Computer Interaction research FB group of 850 professionals world-wide. Dr. Gilutz works to combine research and practice with startups designing digital experiences for kids, families, and learning, both at Google Launchpad and MindCET accelerators.


UX for Kids: Designing for the Next Generation of Play

Big data, IoT, ubiquitous computing, personalized learning, 3D printing, VR/AR… All these buzz words have trickled down into the design of digital environment for kids too. Can they truly be integrated in play?

Shuli Gilutz will discuss examples of digital and physical play, and how these may be integrated for better UX for kids.