Head of Digital Products and Services, Edenspiekermann
Robert Stulle
A UX Survival Guide for the 2020s


Robert Stulle has worked in digital communication since 1995. He studied in Switzerland and the Netherlands and then worked for some of the bigger German and Dutch agencies.

Robert spent five years as a Business Consultant for PWC and IBM in The Netherlands. Since 2006 he has been back to design and communication; since 2009 as a partner at Edenspiekermann in Berlin. With two decades of professional experience as a designer and consultant, Robert is the head of Digital Products and Services at Edenspiekermann.

Salon Presentation

A UX Survival Guide for the 2020s

We love our work. We all enjoy our professional lives in the happy, creative bubble that is a well running design and development project. But how about the friction between our project and the rest of the world? Why can’t things just run smoothly? Why is it that so often we feel like we are surrounded by idiots?

Robert shares his view on the future of the UX profession and his opinion about the challenges that lie ahead. We will learn how agile methods, an open culture and a new organisational model help him and his colleagues at Edenspiekermann to stay sane, happy and in business.