Senior UX Design Lead - Google
Peter Hodgson
Workshop: Designing Conversations


Peter is a Senior UX Design Lead at Google. He’s been designing user communications his entire career; in print, on screen, and for the last five years in multi-modal mobile experiences most recently for the Google Assistant.

Peter is a graduate of the RCA and has been Creative Director on the agency side, Founder of a character user interface startup, and freelance design consultant. Today he finds himself doing the most interesting and challenging design work of his career, designing the patterns and primitives for future conversational operating systems at Google.


Designing Conversations

I can talk. You can talk. How hard can it be to design a conversation?

In fact, it’s only when we start to unpack the rules and conventions of dialogue that it becomes clear how miraculous human conversation is, and how challenging it is to manufacture.

Join this hands-on (and voices-on!) workshop to roll up your sleeves and design a multi-step conversational experience. We’ll be sketching dialogues and using role-play, rehearsal, and guerilla testing techniques to rapidly design, iterate, and validate these conversations.

Who should attend:
Designers, engineers, product managers, writers and anyone interested in the expanding world of conversational user experiences. No previous dialogue design experience necessary.