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Joe Macleod
Closure Experiences


Joe Macleod has been working on the issue of Closure Experiences for 15 years. Through his work in design, technology and services, he has detected a common pattern of denial at the end of the customer lifecycle. In the last couple of years this interest has led him to establish a research project based on sharing this insight and new approach with people via conferences, articles, teaching, projects and – soon – a book.

His 20-year professional career has been based across the leading web, telecoms and carrier companies, where he led teams and built a variety of successful products. Most recently as Head of Design at the award-winning digital product studio Ustwo, he built it into a globally recognised team, working with the world’s favourite brands on the most pioneering of products. In 2013 he founded the IncludeDesign campaign; this brought the UK’s leading designers together to champion creative education.

Salon Presentation

Closure Experiences

Services, products and experiences don’t last forever, yet we rarely design endings.

How many products have you started, lunched, built the customer base for? Do you have the same passion about ending them appropriately? Does it matter?

Most experiences in life are punctuated by a closure experience. In the past these were profound; however, over generations we have distanced ourselves from meaningful closure experiences thanks to our lifestyles increasing in comfort, the church weakening and medicine advancing. This has seemingly freed us from the shackles of the ultimate closure experience – death – and sanctioning our personal pursuit of heaven on earth in the form of consumption. We are now encouraged to drunkenly stumble from purchase to purchase, with any sense of longevity and responsibility removed. Long term side effects of this are exampled in the Product, Service and Digital landscapes that we frequent. The consequences of our behaviour results in a changing climate, industries fined billions for mis-selling and individuals casually eroding their personal online reputations.

Many of us are active in the creation of services, products or digital products; making them attractive, engaging and usable for consumers, but we often overlook concluding these experiences for the user in a responsible way. Closure Experiences offers a model to frame this change.


Hands on with Closure Experiences

You will end up with a new way of looking at the world.

Closure Experiences are a noodly type of issue. Understanding them, and working with their quirks can be challenging. The workshops I run are based on building confidence in the issue. Breaking down the characteristics and behaviours in to practical tools and processes, that aim to explore fundamentals to this fascinating area of design with some enjoyable and insightful activities.

Regardless of your role in the business, the workshop will provide new skills that should build your confidence to create new solutions for your own products and services, and deliver a more complete journey for your customers.

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