UX Team Leader - Wix
Gali Erez
Adapting UX to the Global Village


Gali is an Israeli-American UX designer based in Tel Aviv. After graduating from CalArts she joined an elite task force at Warner Bros. adapt to a changing marketplace, researching how people will consume media in the future. She went on to design complex infrastructure apps that were used across a variety of industries from investment banking to ad-tech. Today she leads Wix’s ADI UX team, which uses machine learning to make website creation easy & fun. She designs for people – not users.


Adapting UX to the Global Village

Designing for the global village. When should we create a flattened experience that fits everyone and when should we dive into our users’ unique cultural world? Will discovering their cultural world expand our horizons as designers?

Bat-El Sebbag and Gali Erez, UX team leads in Wix, will discuss these questions and explore different approaches to defining UX while keeping different kinds of communities in mind.

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