UX Team Leader - Wix
Bat-El Sebbag
Adapting UX to the Global Village


Bat-El is a UX designer, animal lover, and avid TED talk watcher. Four years ago, with a degree from Bezalel’s Department of Visual Communications, she joined Wix as a UX designer. During her time at Wix, she has worked on a number of products and now leads in Wix’s Editor UX team. The team’s mission is to package complex website building behavior into accessible tools that everyone can use to create the website they want. She loves being part of the hi-tech community that turns human needs into personal and global solutions.


Adapting UX to the Global Village

Designing for the global village. When should we create a flattened experience that fits everyone and when should we dive into our users’ unique cultural world? Will discovering their cultural world expand our horizons as designers?

Bat-El Sebbag and Gali Erez, UX team leads in Wix, will discuss these questions and explore different approaches to defining UX while keeping different kinds of communities in mind.