Product and Gender Adviser - Standpoint
Anat Katz-Arotchas
Workshop: Inclusive Design: Designing for the Female User


Anat Katz-Arotchas is a pioneer in the field of Gendered Product Innovation, promoting gender thinking in tech. Bringing together her expertise in product and gender, Anat is the founder of Standpoint, a member of the European Union’s gender ste innovation team and a local representative of the Danish UX firm- Design-people.


Inclusive Design: Designing for the Female User

A workshop on designing products and services through understanding women's needs and motivations.

Women control almost 80% of the consumer market, and yet tech products are often very stereotypical and biased towards men’s needs and expectations. Why is it so? How can we change that? and what’s the potential of better incorporating women’s perspective in our product design processes?

In this eye opening workshop the participants learn the basic principles of applying gender thinking in product definition and design processes, and practice them on a commonly known product.

You will learn the importance and potential of designing products with women in mind, tools and methodology for gendered product analysis and product design inspired by women.