A Proud Partner of

the 2017 UX Salon

With the largest UX studio in Israel, Wix.com is constantly bridging the gap between feature-rich products and people. Wix makes it easy to build, manage and grow your online presence.

At the UX guild we own the product experience by taking charge of both the functional and the visual aspects of all our products.

We’re responsible for every step from the initial analysis (competitive research, planning and goals) through product iterations (sketching, prototyping, UI design and micro interactions) to product launch and post launch activities (usability testing, user interviews and BI analysis).

We define, design, deliver and test our products in collaboration with product managers, developers, analysts and many more.

So if you’re a team player who’s passionate about crafting great product experiences for millions of people around the world, come join us!

Check out our open positions in Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Lithuania, Ukraine.

Join us for an additional dose of UX inspiration on Cocktails at Wix.

UX Salon 2017 After Party