• December 28, 2016

Designing Conversations at UX Salon 2017

Designing Conversations at UX Salon 2017

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I can talk. You can talk. How hard can it be to design a conversation?

One of the most relevant concepts for a User Experience Designers today, is to understand the power of conversations. From voice interfaces a to chatbots, the interactions of the future are not made of buttons! 

We invited 4 International experts on conversational design to UX Salon 2017 and we would love for you to meet them.

Demystifying the Voice Interface

Nandini Stocker, Conversation Design Lead, Google

Is it possible to create a natural conversation artificially? Nandini will share insights from her work in VUI design and her perspective on the future of conversational interfaces.


The Psychology of Human Conversation

Giles Colborne will examines the psychology of human conversation and how it applies to interaction design. You will learn rules and techniques for prototyping conversations with computers – chat bots.


Designing Conversations Workshop

Peter Hodgson and Marc Paulina Senior, UX Design Leads at Google are coming to Tel Aviv for this this hands-on (and voices-on!) workshop, to roll up your sleeves and design a multi-step conversational experience.


Giles Colborne on Designing Conversations

Is it true that the next generation of user interfaces are conversational interfaces? This presentation looks beyond the hype to examine why conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for swifter more satisfying interaction.