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Arrival instructions to the conference (On March 19)

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Take the Train Taking the train is the fastest public transportation to the conference.  Take the train to the Ben Gurion Airport station. From there it’s a short taxi ride to Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin Gilboa St 4 – Kiryat Teufa (Airport City) Another option when arriving to the airport is to grab the Egged No. 5…

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The Importance of Offboarding [Video]

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As designers, we recognize that effective onboarding is critical for product success. However, we often fail to consider that every experience must eventually come to an end and we overlook the process a user or customer must go through in order to part ways with a company or service.   Most of us have probably experienced…

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Meet us for Cocktails at WIX!

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Keeping with the best of traditions, this year we are honored to work again with the UX team at Alongside many surprises during the conference day, on March 19, we are also planning one of the best evening UX events you will attend this year! You don’t want to miss this party, amazing catered…

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Designing the ‘Meta Me’ – UX on Coffee Interview with Mark Rolston

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In the computational age, people are greater than the sum of their analog and digital parts. Mark Rolston discusses the challenge of designing human-centered experiences when every human is an inherently mysterious analog and digital composite, the “Meta Me”.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Women When You Develop Tech Products

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As product designers we do our outmost to understand our users: their motivations, needs, values, emotions. We research our users to create the best products for them, remembering that we are not the users. However, we all have our biases and blindspots, and gender is one of our greatest ones. Article by Anat Katz-Arotchas As a…

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What is a magician doing in a UX Conference?

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Prepare to be amazed. Our opening presentation will strive to inspire your day and help you discover the world of user experience through magic. We cannot tell you anything about the UX Magician. Masked in order to keep his identity secret and to keep you focused on the experience. The UX Magician presentation starts at 9AM sharp!…

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Designing the female users experience!

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Women control almost 80% of the consumer market, and yet tech products are often very stereotypical and biased towards men’s needs and expectations. Why is it so? How can we change that? and what’s the potential of better incorporating women’s perspective in our product design processes? This coming March we are really excited to host Anat…

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Are you designing for the Meta Me? — Mark Rolston keynote at UX Salon 2017

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We are honored to host Mark Rolston for our final keynote presentation. Mark Rolston, co-founder of argodesign, is a renowned designer with a 25-year career of creating for the world’s largest and most innovative companies. An early pioneer of software user experience, Mark helped forge the disciplines around user interface design and mobile platforms. His…

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Designing Conversations at UX Salon 2017

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I can talk. You can talk. How hard can it be to design a conversation? One of the most relevant concepts for a User Experience Designers today, is to understand the power of conversations. From voice interfaces a to chatbots, the interactions of the future are not made of buttons!  We invited 4 International experts…

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