March 19-20, 2017

Conference Day - March 19

A full day conference at Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin (Airport City)

8:15 AM

Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM / The UX Magician

You are Magic. You are the Experience.

The mystery world of user experience is overwhelming with stories and theories. It’s time for a change…

Breaking the Magician’s code we will reveal concepts in User Experience Design. The presentation is based on years of expertise that will transform your dreams to success and make revolutionary ideas come true.

9:10 AM / Avi Itzkovitch

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks by UX salon founder, Avi Itzkovitch.
Introducing Shira Luk-Zilberman UX Salon 2017 co-host.

9:25 AM / Giles Colborne

Designing Conversations

Is it true that the next generation of user interfaces are conversational interfaces? This presentation looks beyond the hype to examine why conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for swifter more satisfying interaction. It also shines a light on some of the pitfalls into which conversational interfaces can easily fall. It unpacks the psychology of human conversation and shows how you can turn this into design principles for more satisfying user experiences – whether you’re building a conversational user interface or a standard touch UI.

9:55 AM / Salon Conversation

Algorithm-Driven Design

Will Robots Replace Designers? We will discuss how Artificial Intelligence Is changing design.

10:05 AM / Nandini Stocker

Demystifying the Voice Interface

Is it possible to create a natural conversation artificially? Voice UI design as a discipline has been largely shrouded in mystery, understood by few but intriguing to many. Designing a spoken dialog between a human and a computer – in advance – accounting for all the possibilities on both sides of the conversation – and still have it feel natural – is harder than it looks.

Join Google’s Nandini Stocker as she shares insights from her work in VUI design and her perspective on the future of conversational interfaces.

10:35 AM / Salon Conversation

The Age of Humanized Technology

As humans we control the technology, but as things move forward we see technology that shapes humans back in its turn. How can we control such technologies, and how will they control and shape our lives?

10:45 AM / Coffee break

A short networking and coffee break

Grab a snack, speak to someone

11:15 AM / Bat-El Sebbag & Gali Erez

Adapting UX to the Global Village

Designing for the global village. When should we create a flattened experience that fits everyone and when should we dive into our users’ unique cultural world? Will discovering their cultural world expand our horizons as designers?

Bat-El Sebbag and Gali Erez, UX team leads in Wix, will discuss these questions and explore different approaches to defining UX while keeping different kinds of communities in mind.

11:35 AM / Salon 1-on-2

11:40 AM / Andre Jay Meissner

Assumptions Prohibited

Preliminary releases are commonly used for user testing and feedback. Typically, a beta contains most of the features while still being incomplete. But who defined that feature set? And to which extent did you just sign up for core concepts, that might be impossible to roll back at a later stage?

This talk provides deep insights into the user-research-driven design of Adobe XD, which is a completely re-imagined and frictionless tool for UX design, combining user flow, visual design, prototyping and testing into one app.

12:00 AM / Salon 1-on-1

12:05 PM / Robert Stulle

A UX Survival Guide for the 2020s

We love our work. We all enjoy our professional lives in the happy, creative bubble that is a well running design and development project. But how about the friction between our project and the rest of the world? Why can’t things just run smoothly? Why is it that so often we feel like we are surrounded by idiots?

Robert shares his view on the future of the UX profession and his opinion about the challenges that lie ahead. We will learn how agile methods, an open culture and a new organisational model help him and his colleagues at Edenspiekermann to stay sane, happy and in business.

12:35 PM / Salon Conversation

Hiring a UX Designer

We will discuss what dose it take to make it in this world of constant change.

12:45 PM / Lunch Break (70 Min)

Boost your brainpower with a healthy meal

Vegan option available

1:55 PM / Ran Segall

Radical Transparency in Design

For the past 12 month I’ve been designing a product while documenting the whole process on my daily youtube videos: sharing all my thoughts, getting feedback and beta testers to help me build a better product.

In the talk I’ll share highlights from the process (what went right & wrong) and discuss the pros/cons of being absolutely transparent with your design.

2:15 PM / Salon 1-on-1

2:20 PM / Shuli Gilutz

UX for Kids: Designing for the Next Generation of Play

Big data, IoT, ubiquitous computing, personalized learning, 3D printing, VR/AR… All these buzz words have trickled down into the design of digital environment for kids too. Can they truly be integrated in play?

Shuli Gilutz will discuss examples of digital and physical play, and how these may be integrated for better UX for kids.

2:40 PM / Salon 1-on-1

2:45 PM / Joe Macleod

Closure Experiences

Services, products and experiences don’t last forever, yet we rarely design endings. Many of us are active in the creation of services, products or digital products; making them attractive, engaging and usable for consumers, but we often overlook concluding these experiences for the user in a responsible way. Closure Experiences offers a model to frame this change.

3:15 PM / Salon Conversation

“It’s not you, it’s me!”

Closure Experience also refers to a customer leaving an existing service or a product. What happens when a service leaves an existing customer?

3:25 PM / Networking Break (30 Min)
Cakes and coffee served

Get extra energy with a delicious treat

3:55 PM / Mark Rolston

Form Follows Me

The 20th century challenge was to design a world of useful new machines. Form Followed Function. The rise of consumer culture introduced empathy and user-centric design. Form Followed Emotion.

We are now entering an era of quantification and automation. Every person, place, and thing is being written about, annotated, digitized, and automated. Machines and services are designed to serve our new analog and digital composite selves: the “Meta Me.” What does the Meta Me mean for the world of product and experience design?

4:40 PM / Salon Conversation

Privacy in the Age of Personalization

Products and services become more and more personal, accumulating, analyzing and cross-referencing vast information about every detail in our lives. How will this affect our perception of “Personal” and “Private?

7:00 PM / Wix Cocktail Party

Let’s party like it’s 2017

Join us for additional dose of UX inspiration on Cocktails at Wix. Meet us at the Wix headquarters to mingle with fellow attendees and speakers. Registration requires a Passcode that will be sent to all conference attendees. More information coming soon.

Workshops Day - March 20

Workshops at the Eretz Israel Museum.
A ticket to the workshop day gives you a choice of 2 workshops (Morning Workshop + Afternoon Workshop)

Morning Workshops 9:00 - 12:30

Choose your morning workshop:

8:30 AM

Registration and Breakfast

Dori Adar

Think Like a Game Designer

In this workshop you will learn a new way of thinking for the digital products you build. How to craft rules and goals, how to balance skill and luck and how to find the fun in any interactive systems. This powerful new way of thinking will help you design engaging products in almost every sector.

After all, consumers never complained about a product that was “too fun” to use. We take fun very seriously. Fun is a serious business.

Peter Hodgson & Marc Paulina

Designing Conversations

Join this hands-on (and voices-on!) workshop to roll up your sleeves and design a multi-step conversational experience. We’ll be sketching dialogues and using role-play, rehearsal, and guerilla testing techniques to rapidly design, iterate, and validate designing conversations.

Giles Colborne

From Insight to Interaction

When you talk to users or stakeholders as part of the design process, you’ll inevitably be asked to design features that are convoluted, contradictory or odd.

This workshop show you how to make sense of those requests and get buy in for better ideas. We’ll turn user research into task models that help you create user interfaces that are simple, efficient, and elegant. You’ll get techniques, tips and hands-on experience that will help you design better products and services.

Yenny Otero

Hands on with Lean UX

In this workshop you will learn Lean UX tools that will help you define the Minimum Viable Product: The least effort you can take to understand if your design is moving in the right direction.

You will learn how to define KPIs depending on the stage of your product, and to combine them with user needs to select the features that will lead you to succeed faster.

12:30 PM / Lunch Break (60 Min)

Boost your brainpower with a healthy meal

Vegan option available

Afternoon Workshops 13:30 - 17:00

Choose your afternoon workshop:

Anat Katz-Arotchas

Inclusive Design: Designing for the Female User

Women control almost 80% of the consumer market, and yet tech products are often very stereotypical and biased towards men’s needs and expectations. Why is it so? How can we change that? and what’s the potential of better incorporating women’s perspective in our product design processes?

In this eye opening workshop the participants learn the basic principles of applying gender thinking in product definition and design processes, and practice them on a commonly known product.

Liraz Margalit

Designing Habit-Forming Experiences

How do companies create experiences to repeatedly entice users? In order to better understand what makes a product or a website addictive we have to better understand the psychological mechanism and the science behind it. Designing for habits builds upon the principles of consumer psychology to create new routines.

In this workshop you will learn a practical framework for creating ‘addictive’ experiences. The framework gives product managers, designers, and marketers a new way for thinking of the necessary components of changing user behavior.

Giles Colborne

The Psychology of Human Conversation

Have you ever found yourself shouting at a vending machine, swearing at a computer, or talking to your car? Interaction design is a dialogue between the user and the system. But the patterns that users follow and expect are the patterns of human conversation. And when those patterns break down, users become confused, frustrated and angry.

This workshop examines the psychology of human conversation and how it applies to interaction design. We’ll look at some basic patterns and apply them to online services. And we’ll explore rules and techniques for prototyping conversations with computers – chat bots.

Joe Macleod

Hands on with Closure Experiences

Services, products and experiences don’t last forever, yet we rarely design endings. Regardless of your role in the business, the workshop will provide new skills that should build your confidence to create new solutions for your own products and services, and deliver a more complete journey for your customers.