UX Salon 2017 - March 19-20

Two days of intensive UX learning in Tel Aviv

our opening keynote

Designing Conversations

Is it true that the next generation of user interfaces are conversational interfaces? Giles Colborne will look beyond the hype to examine why conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for swifter more satisfying interaction.

Closing Keynote

Designing the 'Meta Me'

We are honored to host Mark Rolston, a renowned designer with over 25-year career of creating for the world’s largest and most innovative companies. Mark’s Keynote ‘Form Follows Me’ is a must see observation on the future of technology and design; In the computational age, people are greater than the sum of their analog and digital parts. Mark Rolston discusses the challenge of designing human-centered experiences when every human is an inherently mysterious analog and digital composite, the “Meta Me”

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